About Liberation Consulting

Liberation Consulting is grounded in the foundational philosophy of liberation as a desired vision of our future. Liberation is freedom from limits on thoughts or behavior. It is the total and complete freedom to be your whole authentic self, with equal access and mobility in pursuit of the life you dream for yourself.  With a focus on what we desire and deserve, and deliberate intention towards improving ourselves and our institutional cultures, we shift closer to that which we can envision.

Questions to Consider

What does true liberation look and feel like?  Personally, organizationally and systemically?

Can you imagine a world without oppression? 

How would your life be different? How would your parents’ lives have been different?  What would it look and feel like for the next generation?

How can we move beyond just looking at diversity? Or beyond acceptance, tolerance or even inclusion? 

What would it be like to be truly free?

Can you imagine it for even one moment?

Equity and Justice


Equity work begins with the recognition that historical policies and practices have created unequal opportunity and access to certain groups, and social justice work is focused on dismantling the systems of oppression that keep cycling to continue to advantage certain groups.


With the guiding philosophies of liberation, equity and justice, Liberation Consulting works with individuals, organizations and institutions to make critical shifts in thinking, behaving and feeling in order to create a more equitable and just environment and culture.  


On a personal and interpersonal level, there comes a moment for each individual where one recognizes the inequities and injustices that exist and a critical conscious awakening to then take steps to work towards a more equitable solution.  This process can challenge individuals when reflecting back on the ways each of us was socialized into certain ways of thinking and behaving, and examining our values and beliefs. 


In looking at the institutional and structural policies and procedures in organizations, we can begin to unpack the ways the institution has upheld policies that marginalize or exclude groups of people.  Organizations often benefit from taking a 360 degree assessment of their historical context, codified policies, regular practices and unspoken expectations that shape the culture and climate.


Liberation Consulting offers services in a variety of modes, depths and duration, depending on the needs of each institution.  While some organizations may need some specific-topic workshops and trainings as part of an ongoing professional development plan, others may seek a more in-depth and comprehensive approach which could include training of all staff and ongoing development and support of leadership.

Meet the person behind Liberation Consulting, Hideko Akashi.