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Liberation Consulting has extensive experience in educational settings, from pre-K to 12, public, independent and parochial.  Supporting teachers and faculty in the development and examination of their curriculum with culturally-responsive practices is a direct approach to applying DEI skills and tools.  

Classroom Climate Assessment

A classroom climate assessment provides teachers a sense of who is in their classrooms, what demographics are at play, what the general atmosphere and ethos is and the cultural climate through a DEI lens.  In-person observational data of classrooms, combined with one-one-on conversations with teachers, advisors and students can inform a classroom climate assessment.  

Tailored Curriculum Development

Working with teachers and learning what successes and challenges teachers have had in the classroom with developing their syllabi and curriculum is the starting point for developing curriculum that is representative and inclusive of all identities and perspectives.  Liberation Consulting has experienced classroom teachers who have had success with implementing and designing culturally-inclusive curriculum and practices.  

Scope and Sequence

Pulling back to see the larger context and journey towards an end goal takes time and energy.  With the help of Liberation consultants, teachers can partner and co-collaborate on designing their full scope and sequence for their courses and curriculum.  Academic Deans, Department and Division Heads can benefit from mapping out the full scope and sequence of students' curriculum through a DEI lens.

DEI Activities

Liberation Consulting has a variety of quick and easy icebreakers, check-in questions, hands-on and interactive activities to encourage ongoing engagement in DEI topics.  Having bite-sized activities that are ready to go, and easily implementable, can supplement and support the larger and longer term goals of creating inclusive and productive classroom environments, where students bring their full selves and learn from each other.

eLearning Courses

Liberation Consultants collaborates with SunShower Learning, in developing eLearning courses that can be in shorter 30-minute learning modules or smaller 2-min modules over a course of 21 days.  Having participants engage in these self-paced eLearning courses either as pre-work, homework, or within the workshop or classroom, can enhance a student's engagement and deepen their understanding of concepts.  Schools can purchase one-year licenses at reasonable per-person costs.  

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