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Liberation Consulting’s approach to training workshops is to meet individuals where they are at and begin with establishing a shared set of vocabulary and concepts of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice. Workshops encompass the broadest definition of cultural differences — age, race, ethnicity, class, status, educational level, gender, language, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, religion, education level or immigrant status, etc..  We utilize the following four levels for analysis & change: Personal, Interpersonal, Institutional and Cultural.

  • PERSONAL: Individually held values, beliefs, feelings, attitude, opinions and biases

  • INTERPERSONAL: Communication, interactions, relationships and behaviors between people

  • INSTITUTIONAL/STRUCTURAL: The codified policies, rules, laws, procedures, systems and structure

  • CULTURAL: The unwritten rules or norms, the "way" things are done, larger societal influences, media

Outcomes & Objectives

At the end of a series of workshops, participants will have:

  • Enhanced their comfort in talking more openly and deeply together about their similarities and differences

  • Deepened their awareness and skills in the ability to engage in “necessary” conversations across difference

  • Acquired new insights to better understand how interpersonal dynamics might be playing out at the organization and what can be done to create an even greater level of inclusion, belonging and equitable engagement 

Workshop Participants

Liberation Consulting workshops are designed to be interactive, using a variety of methods to encourage and elicit full participation and engagement.  Various methods of instruction and activities, with a focus on participants getting an opportunity to talk with their colleagues in breakout discussion groups, allows for a learning and growing space where every participant can show up wherever they are on their DEI journey.   Workshops can be tailored based on the participants  - the topics, the number of participants, the duration -  that would be most beneficial for the organization.  

Depending on the organization, workshops can be tailored specifically to a group of constituencies within the organization.  

  • Executive Leadership Team

  • Management

  • Staff /Employees

  • Board of Directors

  • New Staff

The core content (the definitions, the tools and theory) and skill development (the processes and practical application) help all participants share a similar framework and language for the ongoing practice of inclusion. The model provides direct feedback to participants on how they relate to others and teaches skills that enhance communication and support effective conflict resolution.

Topic-Specific Workshops

Liberation Consulting has developed a series of workshops that are topic-specific and allow for a deeper dive into certain concepts.  The following is a sample of workshops that can be presented in 2-3hr modules, half-day or full-day workshops or as a series.   

  • Anti-Racism As A Process And Practice : A 4-part workshop series

  • Effectively supporting safe and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ clients and colleagues

  • Myth of the Middle Class and Wealth in the U.S.

  • Engaging in "Necessary" Conversations About Race and Gender

  • Challenging Unconscious Bias and Prejudice

  • Deeper Exploration of Biracial/Multiracial Identities

eLearning Courses

Liberation Consultanting collaborates with SunShower Learning, in developing eLearning courses that can be in shorter 30-minute learning modules or smaller 2-min modules over a course of 21 days.  Having participants engage in these self-paced eLearning courses either as pre-work, homework, or within the workshop, can enhance a participant's engagement and deepen their understanding of concepts.  Organizations can purchase one-year licenses at reasonable per-person costs.  

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