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Government/Public Policy

Government and Public Policy work is imperative to the cause of systemic change. Working with larger organizations includes big picture thinking with members of leadership along with the personal and interpersonal work of changing cultural patterns to support deeper senses of inclusion, belonging, and multi-departmental connectivity and communication.


  • Cultural Climate

  • Focus Groups

  • Individual Interviews

  • Surveys

  • Audits


  • Executive Leadership Team

  • Management

  • Staff /Employees

  • Board of Directors

  • New Staff


  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Employee Resource Groups

  • Affinity/Caucus Spaces

  • Review of Policies/Handbooks

  • DEI Council Structure

  • Facilitation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Racial Equity Framework

Working with Liberation Consulting helped normalize conversations about racial equity within the company and in our work. This shift in giving voice to the unspoken has created more open dialogue on racialized interactions at work, hiring practices, and the wellbeing of staff of color.


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