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Individual/Group of Individuals

For individuals or a small cohort looking for opportunities for continued professional and personal development, Liberation Consulting offers a variety of single workshops and also an Anti-Racism 4-series workshop.  


Workshops are generally topic-specific, allowing for deeper learning or keeping up to date with topics.  Participants benefit from learning more about the topic, in an environment that is supportive of self-reflection, examining what has been learned and internalized and how to address and mitigate one's biases, in a process of unlearning and liberating one’s consciousness.

Workshops We Conduct:

Understanding the Biracial & Multiracial Experience

Supporting Families in Care: Effective Ways to Help Clients and Colleagues Heal from Institutional and Internalized Oppression

Exploring and Healing From Internalized Oppression

White Supremacy Culture Rearing Its Head

Socialization, Modern Oppression and Internalized Oppression and Liberatory Consciousness: Tools for Healing from Racial Trauma

Examining Racism Against the AAPI Community

Walking The Walk - The Journey to Transformational Social Justice and Co-conspiratorship

Myth of the Middle Class and Wealth in the U.S.

Engaging in Courageous Conversations about Race

Tools for Engaging Organizations in Developing a Racial Equity Framework

Gender Socialization and Gender Dynamics

Engaging Families in Conversations About Race


Upcoming Events/Workshops:

I really enjoyed the open discussion forum, the small breakout rooms, the discussion prompts and the introspective insight the discussions provided to me.


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