Leadership Consulting

Exceptional leadership requires an ongoing process of self-reflection, a vigilant perspective on the big picture and an intentional approach towards creating a healthy and functional workplace culture.  With the pressures, demands and responsibilities that leadership holds in the institution, there isn’t always an outlet for support and consultation for the leaders. 

Intake Assessments 

Taking stock of what the pulse and ethos is of the working environment allow staff the opportunity to provide their perspective, give critical feedback, and even make recommendations for change.  For leadership, assessments provide valuable insight into what the most critical issues are to prioritize and also give direction towards strategic planning and resource allocation.


Intake Assessments can come in various forms : 

  • Survey - a series of thought-provoking questions to be answered in a digital format, allowing opportunity for respondents to share their feedback through an anonymous survey.  

  • Focus Groups - a consultant meets with predetermined groups with specific roles, key stakeholders or groups by social identifiers to gather information and to hear feedback about what is working well and what areas are challenging and need improvement.

  • Individual Interviews - One-on-one interviews allow for opportunities to individualize the feedback, particularly effective for smaller organizations.


Coaching are individual in-person or virtual meetings with a consultant, which can be periodic 30-minute check-ins or longer problem-solving consultations.

Working in the background with a consultant with intentional support and coaching, managers, supervisors, directors, CEOs can work effectively to keep honing their own leadership skills, to optimize their team’s effectiveness, and to build and sustain a desirable equitable work culture.

Liberation Consulting provides assessment and coaching services and can tailor trainings specific to leadership development.