Organizational Development

Organizational Development is beneficial for organizations that are seeking to take a comprehensive approach to critically examining the institution with a four-pronged approach: the individual, the interpersonal, the institutional and the ideological/cultural.  


Individual – providing individuals in the institution an opportunity to do self-reflection and to unpack internalized thoughts and behaviors and understand the impacts of socialization on each person’s core beliefs and values


Interpersonal – assessing how individuals interact with each other at all levels of the organization can help with understanding the underlying dynamic and the impact of hierarchy and power.  Each person’s positionality and social identity has significance and impact in an organization, and recognizing these differences is a critical part of the process.


Institutional – the policies, the procedures, the structures within the organization, that which is codified and written and have a deep historical context, can be an area that benefits from an outsider’s perspective, looking with an equity and justice lens.  Examples of organizational development at the institutional level could include re-examining organizational charts, roles and job descriptions, hiring practices, policies regarding parental leave, financial assistance, admissions, etc.


Ideological/Cultural – the environment and ethos of each organization’s work culture is often created unintentionally and unconsciously, and yet can be the most powerful and important factor in the organization.  The unwritten rules, the ways things are, how things are done can feel completely natural for some, while at the same time ostracizing and uncomfortable for others.  Examining that which is intangible and making shifts towards steering the ship in another direction can take time and with concerted intentional effort, a new culture of equity and justice can slowly be achieved.


In looking through these four lenses, the organization can pay attention to the various aspects and all the facets that make up the organization with equal importance and attention.  Having an outside consultant to check-in regarding the process, to facilitate conversations and meetings, to make recommendations as to next steps, to coach leadership in the background, and to take responsibility for guiding the general overview of the process can help an organization go through this process of change and improvement.


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