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Ongoing Support

A sustainable, on-going presence and offerings of consultation and support for any projects, policy review, creation of new materials or strategic plan, or oversight of an overall action plan. Consultant can support internal DEI Committees, meeting with co-chairs, creating agendas, facilitating discussions.  Consultants are available for any additional support for consultation : being a sounding board, brainstorming and re-imagining, strategic planning, conflict resolution, etc.

One-on-one or Small Group Coaching

Coaching is a thought-provoking, creative process utilizing focused conversations to create an environment for individual growth, purposeful action, and sustained improvement.

It is designed to help people focus on what they need to do more and less of in order to maximize their potential and to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Individual one-on-one coaching sessions would include regular monthly check-ins with leaders (and/or staff members, as needed), to support the continued management of the projects, as well as provide a space for self-reflection, objective feedback and learning.

Affinity Groups or Caucus Spaces
Employee Resource Groups

Creating supportive spaces for specifically underrepresented groups by different racial or other identity groups for additional support and spaces to continue the conversations and learning.

Review of Policies, Handbooks, Practices and Procedures

As Liberation Consulting establishes an ongoing technical support role for the organization, it can work with various internal teams or an internal DEI Council and use a DEI lens to review and analyze any number of policies, such as hiring, promotion, onboarding, review processes.  This review can include offering feedback regarding employee handbooks, the mission statement, strategic plans, onboarding training materials and any external-facing communication, such as marketing, outreach or the website.

DEI Council Structure

A sustainable internal structure of a dedicated group of people moving all DEI initiatives forward, keeping the work a priority and holding the organization accountable, often working closely with outside consultants.


Liberation Consultants are skilled and trained facilitators who can support with the creation of agendas, facilitating meetings and retreats and hold space for participants.  Skilled facilitation includes creating an atmosphere of trust and accountability, allowing participants to go deeper and share openly.  Paying attention to both the content and timing of the agenda, while also paying close attention to process and what comes up with regards to interpersonal dynamics.  

Strategic Planning

Longer term strategies for how to implement DEI work require a systematic approach of scaffolding what is possible and attainable over periods of time.  Developing a road map and process for how and when to reach certain benchmarks supports organizations in engaging in a purposeful and sustainable journey around DEI efforts.  Leadership can present these strategic plans to communicate to outside facing partners and clients, as well as to Boards and grant funders the larger scope of work and outcomes desired in the organization.

Racial Equity Framework

Liberation Consulting supports organizations to develop a sustainable racial equity framework to actively create equitable processes, infrastructure and institutional policies to ensure fairness and justice, including addressing past harm.  Please contact us for more information about what a Racial Equity Framework could look like for your organization.

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