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Social Service Agencies

Social Service agencies engage a wide host of individuals and organizations who all work together to better the lives of system-involved children and families.  With any agency, there are mental health practitioners, medical health providers, caregivers, parents, children, school counselors, social workers, county administration and so many others.  In continued, ongoing professional development, many partners are offering courses for continued education.  The following are all DEI-related topics that apply directly to the social service agency world, engaging participants in applying this important knowledge to their particular roles and work.


  • Cultural Climate

  • Focus Groups

  • Individual Interviews

  • Surveys

  • Audits


  • Leadership Team

  • Management

  • Staff 

  • Front-line service providers

  • Mental & Behavioral Health Practitioners

  • Board of Directors

  • New Staff


  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Employee Resource Groups

  • Affinity/Caucus Spaces

  • Review of Policies/Handbooks

  • DEI Council Structure

  • Facilitation

  • Strategic Planning

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CEU Workshops We Conduct:

Developing Cultural Humility in our Work with System Involved Children, Youth and Families

Addressing Dominant Culture Creators in the Child Welfare System : White Privilege, White Fragility and White Supremacy

White Supremacy Culture Rearing Its Head in the Child Welfare System

Gender Socialization and Gender Dynamics in the Child Welfare System

ANTI-RACISM AS A PROCESS AND PRACTICE : A 4-part workshop series

Walking The Walk - The Journey to Transformational Social Justice in the Child Welfare System

 Examining Racism and the AAPI Community for Child Welfare Professionals

AAPI's & Suicide: Deepening the Understanding of Mental Health Risk and Resiliency Factors for Asian-American/Pacific Islanders

Engaging System-Involved Families in Conversations About Race

Deconstructing Authority as Mental Health Practitioners

Supporting LGBTQ+ and Gender Non-Conforming Clients & Colleagues in the Child Welfare System

Supporting LGBTQ+ and Gender Non-Conforming Clients & Colleagues in the Child Welfare System


Working with Liberation Consulting has allowed us to examine the concept of cultural humility through a multi-dimensional lens to see that there is not a "one-size fits all" approach to fully grasping the concept of cultural humility. This has helped us learn how to incorporate teachings around cultural humility to all of our internal staff.

Nicole Siverson, A Better Way

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