Workshops + Trainings

Workshops are generally topic-specific, allowing for deeper learning or keeping up to date with topics.  Participants benefit from learning more about the topic, in an environment that is supportive of self-reflection, providing opportunities for closer bonding and getting to know other’s perspectives and stories.  Workshops can be tailored for organization  - the topics, the number of participants, the duration -  that the organization feels would be most beneficial for their staff and leadership. 

Often, these workshops are offered as part of a larger professional development plan or all-staff retreat or conference.  The topics are broad enough to be applicable to various audiences, and also specific enough to dive deeper into one area of interest.  The length and duration of each workshop will depend on the number of participants and what the assessed needs are.

For Title IV-E Trainings, the workshops offered all qualify for CEU credits.  

Examples of Workshops offered:


  • Engaging Organizations and Individuals in Conversations About Race

  • Effectively supporting safe and inclusive spaces for LGPQ-TI2S clients and colleagues

  • Empowering Families in Care – Constructive Way Professionals Can Support Families Grieving Institutional Oppression

  • Challenging the Gender Binary and Supporting LGPQ-TI2S Youth

  • Exploring and Healing from Socialization and Internalized Oppression

  • Developing Cultural Humility in our Work

  • Exploring Modern Institutions and Behaviors of Oppression

  • Accessing Feelings as an Antidote to Oppression

  • Asian Privilege and Oppression : Where Do We Enter Into the Conversation?

  • ​Cooperative Relationships: Conflict Resolution and Courageous Conversations to Improve Outcomes for Youth

Please contact Liberation Consulting to discuss what workshop topics would best suit your organization.