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Liberation Consulting was born out of a desire for liberation, not just inclusion .


Hideko Akashi 

Founder/Lead Consultant

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1970’s I knew that I was different.


I was not part of the mainstream. My parents were Japanese immigrants, and I was born and raised in the United States. For the majority of my childhood I did not have a place to talk about these differences. Not only that, I learned how to shift, contort and adapt to a dominant culture that I wanted to fit into so badly. I internalized negative messages about myself and socialized to believe that there was one one right way of doing and of being.  


Looking back on my life, I realized that what I had needed was a space where it was safe to talk about and celebrate differences. That is why this work has always been intensely personal to me. I am able to see many facet’s of the experiences of others because I have lived experience in experiencing discrimination, oppression, bias, prejudice while also inhabiting areas of privilege and advantage. 


I embarked on my journey with the guidance of many mentors and teachers. I attended workshops and conferences and engaged in my own therapy and counseling. I have gathered a team of close colleagues; each of them with a unique perspective and background. Together we share a deep practice and understanding of  facilitating spaces which help individuals and organizations do the transformational work of liberation.

Working with Hideko helped open up space for our team members to talk more about DEIB related topics. Due to Hideko’s influence and advice, we changed some of our onboarding material and practices and encouraged folks to introduce themselves with their  pronouns. Opened our eyes to the way the organization could grow in the DEIB space. It helped us move in a direction towards more DEIB-focused culture.

Blanca Diaz, Dandelion Chocolate

Gratitude and Appreciations

The many mentors, teachers, leaders who have forged the path before us and have heavily influenced our philosophies and approaches:  

  • Dr. Valerie Batts, Terry Berman and all consultants at VISIONS, Inc., 

  • Dr. Eddie Moore of the White Privilege Conference and the Privilege Institute

  • Dr. Melanie Tervalon and Dr. Jann Murray-Garcia, creators of Cultural Humility

  • Natalie Thoreson of Invision Consulting

  • Alethea Cheng-Fitzpatrick of Co-Creating Inclusion

  • Wendy Horng Brawer of Intune Collective


Friends and family of Liberation Consulting, without whom this dream would not have come to fruition:

  • Cherie Lockwood, Sanjai Moses, J O’Malley, Amber Shipley, Alia Al-Sharif, Lisbet Sunshine, Nicole Siverson, Stella Sheldon, Corri Frohlich

  • The LibConsulting Collaborative Group: Ariana Gil-Nafarrate, Ellen Morrison, Yoojin Lee, Soerny Cruz, Elisa Meza, Lyssa Ichikawa, Jeanne Firth, Jen Heifferon Wilson, Toyin Augustin

We are so grateful for you all. This journey could not have been possible without you. 

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