our philosophy.


At Liberation Consulting, we believe that everyone and every organization is on various points on a journey, and have differing levels of understanding and practices for doing anti-racism, multicultural DEI work.  Given that, we want to meet people and organizations where they are at, tailoring the approach to what is determined as needs and areas to work on.  Doing this work has to be a holistic and comprehensive approach, where all constituents and members at every level of the organization play an integral role in the transformation of culture, policies and ways of being.

our approach.

Beginning with building a foundation of trust between the consultant team and the key strategic members within the organization, Liberation Consulting takes a very personal/interpersonal relational approach.  Creating these relationships and building trust allows for the work to go deeper, be truly authentic, be imperfect and forgiving, be vulnerable and make truly transformative changes in culture.

Liberation Consulting was born out of a desire for liberation, not just inclusion.


the humanity of each individual

walking our talk


radical liberation


our values.

Liberation for me, my parents, my family and my children.

words from our team.

Thanks for visiting us here at Liberation Consulting.  We are a group of collaborators, colleagues and friends, who have made Liberation Consulting bloom from a one-person operation to a fully collaborative group of innovative, creative and passionate human beings with extensive experience and knowledge and deep, deep humility for all of the work we engage in.  We are here to support one another, to support you and your organization and hope you get to know us better through these pages.  We’d love to get to know you, so reach out and let’s get started!

Liberation for institutions, for our society, for the world.